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Factory of Factories ® represents LabGraph's main portfolio program on Worldwide Product Design and Industrial Systems Design.

Incorporating from R & D – Research & Development to Industrial Logistics, from training to KM – Knowledge Management the program established on the WEB portal is an open tool for Technology Transfer and linking industrial resources to the Research Institutions, Equipment & Devices Suppliers, Services, Consultants, Contractors, Universities, Inventors, Researchers and Designers.

Combining new Rapid Product Design, Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling to new Industrial Systems Standards in a common language the portal establishes direct links between concepts, technology and resources.

The main Portal sections are in permanent evolution opening spaces for all main industrial sectors into the sense of world product from raw material to mold tools, process, licensing, design and software.

Recent changes in global market indicate new approaches to product development may be essential.

Packaging and transportation, particularly on sizeable and fragile products, are always emblematic costs for export production.

In addition, fixed investment, and inflexibility in response to changeable demand marketing, distribution development, communications and advertising, are other constraints in worldwide product development.

Factory of Factories ® main approach concentrates on product development designed to International market and involving all phases of product and industrial production chain, involving important approach for environmental preservation methodologies and researches.



The program purpose is an open tool for publishing and to diffuse product and production technology, research and resources.
Establishing as main rule publishing is allowed only for technology, process, methods, equipments, patents or knowledge holders, two main sectors are released:


¤ Commercial Objectives
¤ Free open distribution


All technologies under free open distribution shall be listed and related by a main collection link, relating to authors articles and pages. It's not prohibited to supply any free type of method or technology offering consultant services.

The principal importance is to maintain an open tool for publishing.

Therefore two main roots are established:


I. Industrially Developed Countries

II. Countries in Industrial Development




I. "Industrially Developed Countries" program launches ideas and resources following the most recent standards and researches and incentive publishing all themes and panoramas allowing finding new process for developing Industrial Product Design and Industrial Systems Design.
Some of the new standards are for products that can be produced regionally under subcontract, license and royalties or "Franchise".

Other factors are:

¤ Avoid own industrial facilities.
¤ Few moulds tools and simple chain production.
¤ Low costs product & production development.
¤ High aggregate-value products.
¤ Fast investment return.
¤ Large-scale potential market.
¤ Similar product solutions to different markets.
¤ Supplying moulds tools
¤ High-tech products
¤ New WEB rich media - advertising plans for regional environment.
¤ Constant products development.

Some of the Factory of Factories ® concepts lead to the product development aggregating technology and design to an Industry-Matrix making Molds Tools and production technologies to distribute to regional manufacturers.

The production under license (or subcontracting), allied to the supply of essential parts and pieces makes the Industry-Matrix a profitable enterprise with development costs shared with licenseds or subcontracting participants with assured profitability.





II. "Countries in Industrial Development " Portfolio Program is a completely different root, providing simples resources and technologies, new solutions and supplying free methods and resources to create a basis of industrial development for those countries.

From craftsman individual solutions for use where energy is limited or inexistent, to small simples industrial home lines and/or small industries providing solutions integrating the existent means allowing to create micro-economies is a very important mechanism for development.

This program integrates the complete chain, meaning the raw material to packaging, preservation and transport.

In this sense this program open methods explaining technologies from agriculture to fishing, working on as example from handcraft artificial irrigation to fishing and milling fishing rests to feed poultry. The program consider agriculture as raw material production and integrates advises from agricultural engineers practical methods to settle up a production system until basic concepts of administration.

Linking right to diffusion centers at the developing countries, as universities, research institutions, associations and government the program searches to bring fast results to those countries also introducing relations for financial assistance and knowledge support.

Publishing in this section requires a very strong fair play approach; the portal administration will refuse in all senses any matter looking for profiting from these countries, not including free and open resources attitude.




Manufacturers have a revolution in manufacturing terms resulting from new technologies in Rapid Product development, Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling. The new particular way in which computer-aided design transforms in Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling introduce a completely new path in product development.

The ability of computers to produce and change complex geometries and generate files that drive new Fast Tooling machines, precipitate and eliminate potential problems and costs incorporated in product and production development.

New products can be introduced and a wide number of variants can lucratively be fabricated from a core product, raw material or process in a reduced time with a very reduced investment. Technological developments have been radical influence on style and originated distinguished products in very wide markets.

Therefore products designed and elaborated for the worldwide purpose have to be originated from deep studies and researches in Design, Materials, Technologies, Functionality and mainly International Market.

Distribution represents the major cost and risk for worldwide products. Managers have to understand using new mechanisms as International WEB Portal with KM – Knowledge Management applications, but also being prepared to take decisions as licensing, exporting, local production sub-contracting, which are the basic corporate judgment that means win or loose the aimed market.

The Factory of Factories ® program develops solutions and methods to support managing the implementation of systems/solutions in worldwide business units, preparing both environments:

¤ Technically on product and production chain development
¤ Culturally while being able to play a leading role in building support teams and infrastructure.





Market characteristics in both developed and developing countries normally suggest products, which have to enclose fast achievement and low investments requirements.

¤ Materials such as plastics, fiberglass, composites, aluminum or steel used for these products in addition to characteristics of simple production lines, incorporating relative simplified production processes, which can be produced in lines integrated to other products.

¤ Systems involving no requiring own Industrial Plant, utilizing few moulds tools, incorporating new technologies, high degree of perfection in form, function and quality and design-oriented to strategic industrial production.

¤ Complementing the products line, more products sport-related, leisure-related, computer and telecom industry or supply chain, representing relevant technology and/or design, present huge conditions for improving global markets.

¤ The products options have to be defined as easy to market, introducing innovation characteristics and technology, competitive prices to become market icons.

¤ Industrial partners, investors and suppliers industries have to be chosen as a decisive factor for success, one of the main targets of Factory of Factories ® WEB Portal.



Factory of Factories ® represents our major industrial portfolio for worldwide products with open access and a large amount of free publishing.

From design to Fast Tooling, the program provides innovating products, Design as a strategic tool mainly if integrated into corporate strategy, additionally inducing assets for large range marketing and worldwide icon products.

Publishing will be charged only for commercial purposes, as companies presenting their own commercial pages inside the portal, sale of machines, equipments, software, molds tools, process, licensing and services.




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