Part of this technology it was developed inside of a program of the (IAEA) International Agency of Atomic Energy and it was based on previous development of a Polish University. As it was a cooperation program there is not any previous intellectual property to be addressed.

The technology is characterized through four phases:

1. preparation of an initial solution, being this solution a homogeneous viscous liquid clear (gelatinous) hidrogel with great concentration of water (this technology was transferred by cooperation of IAEA).

2. the solution is increased to appropriate moulds tools and gel can be formed by colder temperature. The moulds can have any size and forms. The time of gel formation is usually only a pair of minutes without any system of external refrigeration.

3. the filled out mold of gel is packed (sealed) by any satisfactory technology for medical products.

4. the packed gel is sterilized and the same sterilization dose is used to promote the crossed connection simultaneously (crosslinling) of the molecules that create a flexible and resistant material almost only composed by water. In conclusion it is a way to produce water in gel and flexible. Immediately after the esterilização/crosslinking the hidrogel membrane will acquire the useful mechanical properties and as sterile material it can be marketed and used as a dressing.

developed all your own production process based on these four apprenticeships and in recent technologies developed all over the world, under the international support of LabGraph Technologies SA and the current program. Patents are being applied covering all the aspects of this technology. Therefore the process of NatGel can produce several models of dressings, masks, patches and pads, and to supply the market or other companies including active ingredients of the amazon area, natural essences and essential oils.





This dressing is produced with pure water and biocompatible medical grade polymers, being sterile as a result of the irradiation process. It passed already “in vitro” biocompatibility essays. Clinical test are under way in Brazil, but similar products are being used and approved by European community countries.

The main properties are as follow:

• It prevents the formation of overgrowing scars and ensures stable humidity of the healing environment promoting faster healing;

• It reduces dramatically the pain, due to its softness and flexibility;

• After the dressing application, it promotes the temperature reduction of the wound increasing the comfort even further and controlling the inflammatory response;

• It forms a barrier for bacteria from outside, which promotes the sterility of the wound;

• It protects against loss of the body fluids;

• It provides oxygen access to the wound;

• It is moldable to many body shapes as a result of its softness and flexibility;

• It shows good adhesion to the skin, without any adhesion to the wound;

• By just dipping the membrane in an aqueous solution drugs can be incorporated. So it allows the simplest way to promote the slow drugs delivery according to each medical staff recommendation;

• No allergic response was detected so far;

• During the dressing changes, the secretions are removed from the wound leaving undamaged granular tissue.

The dressing can be used in the treatment of burn wounds as well as in the treatment of “difficult to heal wounds”, for instance bedsore, ulcers etc.


FMS - Flexible Manufacturing System

The Bandgel ® manufacture is developed generating a modeling approach for the design of Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) using a concurrent engineering approach to use a particular FMS - Blister Packing integrating irradiation process (sterilization).

A FMS is defined as an integrated and automated production system containing:
(a) flexible process equipment, normally automated machines with numeric control and equipped with quick tool change ability,
(b) material handling equipment including transfer lines or conveyor belts, forklifts, elevators, automated guided vehicles (AGVS) as well as automated storage and inventory handling systems such as automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS),
(c) sophisticated computerized communication and control systems integrating process and material handling equipment, and
(d) a modern maintenance support structure that can bring the system quickly back to normal after equipment failure.


R & D

Labgraph Technologies SA


Manufacture and Distribution

NatGel - Industria de Cosméticos Ltda

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