Introducing recent programs R & D - Research & Development - technology transfer, the section of industrial programs is an open forum to the applied industrial technology development.

Looking for effectiveness of a direct connection between the accomplished research and application systems in direct industrial language this section attempt to present the means, concepts of modern and advanced tools, more than the fundamental research still without an effective application in the industrial world even whether some headlines can be given to these means.

Prioritizing a middle of integration direct among R & D– Research & Development and the industry stimulates the integration of the methods and establishes a simplified common and effective language; allowing the establishment of a system of direct information, without evaluating the effectiveness of the presented means, moreover than public knowledge, or effective obtained results.


Project - Agro-Industrial Bamboo

Development of the agricultural plan and industrial plant interconnected in a same project.

Brazil is the best area for bamboo, however bamboos for wood are specific and request knowledge for the improvement of products.

Paper and fabrics can still be produced from the residues of bamboo, or even with bamboos of low difficulty in wide dissemination in the Brazilian territory.

Indeed 100% of the bamboo residues have excellent use, from the coal of the knots for activated coal or steel furnaces, to the leaves and peels.

With a cycle extremely profitable, overcomes widely Eucalyptus, Pinus and all the reforestations recognized in productivity, costs, return of investments, crop of wood mass, time and simplicity within the cultivation and processing.

Bamboo plywood is the most direct product for production with excellent qualities and applications.

It is characterized for laminated horizontal, vertical or mixed.

It has wide applications and excellent market value, being quite nobler than the existent ones in the common market.

Horizontal Laminated Bamboo

Used in plywood and mainly for floors, this laminated bamboo, due to its characteristics of longitudinal tubular fibers has very high technical specifications and recognized.

It has a wide spectrum of applications and market from furniture, structural, design pieces, coatings and civil building goods.

Bamboo Applications

Bamboo has an immense variety of recognized applications and still unexplored lamination qualities and molding.

From pieces of furniture, woven, civil building bamboo has an extensive world bibliography and use frequent there are hundreds of years.


The Agriculture-industrial project BambuWood belongs to the team Labgraph - Technologies and it is available for investment in partnership agreements and transfer of technologies

The plans are quite complete and detailed, with wide library of documentation international, important R&D - Research & Development with countless up-to-date technologies and proprietors processes .

A wide line of products in processes of FMS - Flexible Systems of Manufacture, and a market with recognized outstanding joined value and very important consumption levels, offer to the project the most outstanding level among all other developed in recent years.

Plans of Industrial Processes, Machines & Equipments, Implantation, Development, suppliers, agricultural technologies and industrial, supplies and treatments are quite detailed.

Documentation will be supplied exclusively to investors fully identified, under expressed confidenciality agreement term.

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Recycling Project - WPC - Wood Plastic Composite and Polymeric Recycled Sheet and Thermoforming

Wood Plastic Composite or Composites of Recycled Plastic with wood residues is relatively a recent material of excellent characteristic that is applied within an infinity of processes and materials being main material of a wide range of applications.

As main composition the composite possesses a polymer HDPE - High Density Polyethylene, PP - Polipropilento, PVC, ABS, that is usually used recycled, per times having mixed recycled with virgin and in composites of high requisition only virgin.

Several technologies are available for the recycling industry through a team of researchers and consultants from polymers to products, technologies and industrial processes in Extrusion, Pulltrusion, Thermo Pressing, Lamination and Continuous Pressing Belts.

In all these processes a technology based on equipments and existent processes, projects ofindustrial lines, processes and performing the process of each line with attendance of recognized experts and renowned competences.

Materials from HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, ABS, PET and other with wood fibers, MDF fibers, cane fiber, aluminum, using materials for useless for the other processes and of low industrial cost.

Labgraph Technologies team developed several processes and technologies, products of great joined value joined at large markets.


Renewable energy - Hybrid Energy - Solar Panels and Wind Power Generators

Fundamental for the world development and definitively incorporate to the energy technology, the solar panels and wind generators has actually accelerated development, given to the growing requisition of energy, cost of the existent energy and requisitions more and more emergencial climatic troubles.

The recent accident in Japan exposed a term definitively to the development of the nuclear energy, important world reserves.

Starting from to crescent demand of energy the systems and solar systems, that has indelible reputation in the sustainable sense, clean and renewed, became indispensable equipments to be integrated in industrial, domestic, commercial and rural projects.

The cost of the energy reached unsustainable values due to costs and modalities, and the global program requests sustainable energies and of low cost and maintenance.

Labgraph Technologies has technologies from solar, wind power, hybrid, irrigation equipments and water pumping, solar heaters and same boats with hybrid energy.

River Transport projects - Ferries and Systems

With wide experience in the Fluvial Transports and Services Equipment Labgraph Technologies's team has project of modulated ferries systems for transport, works and services and leisure boats.

With vast arsenal of technologies and knowledge of the Brazilian Waterways systems Labgraph can be an important instrument in the development of systems, including Roll-on Roll-Off emulation of temporary and definitive floating ports, complete systems project.

The road transports are saturated, expensive and with problems of maintenance of almost insoluble highways besides the limited paving routes.

Brazil is surely one of the largest waterways basins of the world, without use, the current fluvial transport even in the waterways doesn't reach 30% of total capacity.

A ferry loads at the same cost of a super heavy truck about150 loaded big lorries.


Ecole Poytechnique Federal de LausannE

LICP –Laboratory for Computer-Aided Design and Production

The LICP principal mission:
Improve the sustainable development of products,
Increase the productivity of manufacturing systems
Optimize the operation of product recovery systems.

The main objectives:
Optimize manufacturing jobs according to multiple criteria such as rapidity, accuracy, efficiency and environmental impact,
Reduce the decoding effort in the CNC, reduce cycle time and thus increase productivity by an order of magnitude,
Development environmentally friendly and clean, capable to operate in "clean environment", assuring closed loops for all waste.

Development of 3 main research fields:

¤ Collaborative Conceptual Design Group Decision Making Methods
Generic post-processors, independent of the tool geometry, part positioning, tool wear or machine
Integrated framework for remanufacturing planning and scheduling to optimise the operational recovery of used products

Dr Dimitris Kiriatsis, adjoint scientifique of the LICP has developed original technologies transfer from researches on:

Lifecycle information modeling

Process-planning modelling with Petri nets

CNC interpolation algorithms



Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems


The aim for the Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems is to enable products and systems to achieve and sustain near-zero breakdown performance, and ultimately transform the traditional maintenance practices from "fail and fix " to "predict and prevent" methodology.

The Center is focused on frontier technologies in embedded and remote monitoring, prognostics technologies, and intelligent decision support tools and has coined the trademarked Watchdog Agent™ prognostics tools and Device-to-Business (D2B)™ infotronics platform for e-maintenance systems.

IMS Mission and Vision

IMS mission is to serve as a center of excellence for the creation and dissemination of a systematic body of knowledge in intelligent e-maintenance systems and ultimately to impact next-generation product, manufacturing, and service systems with six-sigma quality.

The Center serves as a catalyst as well as enabler to assist company members to transform their operation strategies from today’s “Fail-to-Fix/Fly-to-Fix (FAF)” to “Predict-and-Prevent (PAP)” performance. The Center brings value to its members by validating high-impact emerging technologies as well as by harnessing business alliances through collaborative testbeds.



Center  of  Excellence  in Advanced Technologies of Rio Grande do Sul

The  CETA - RS,  Center  of  Excellence  in Advanced Technologies of Rio Grande do Sul, is a branch of SENAI - National Service of Industry, which promotes  the research and the technological innovation for the Brazilian industry through the cooperation between the Rio  Grande do Sul State and the Fraunhofer Society from Germany.

The CETA's Mission is to bring technological innovation for the benefit of enterprises through a co-operative effort with universities and R&D Centers, thus promoting and contributing to the technological and social development of the state o Rio Grande do Sul.

Recognized into principal areas as:

 Product and Production Development
Product Development
Production and Assembly Optimization
Layout Optimization and Design
Workplace Organization / Ergonomy
Environment Compatible Product and Processes
Information and Communication Technology
Virtual Engineering / Digital Mock-ups
Integrated Product Development (CAD, CAM,CAE, Simulation)
Knowledge Management / PDM
e-Engineering/ e-Business
Corporate Networks(Inter-/ Intranet)
Computer Graphics
Software Engineering
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
SCM Strategy Development
Logistics and Supply Chain Management Optimization
Cluster Analysis





Nuclear and Energy Research Institute

The IPEN has a major role in several fields of the nuclear activity, such as radiation and radioisotope applications, nuclear reactors, materials and fuel cycle, radiological protection and dosimetry, with results that have been providing significant advancements in the technological domain, materials production and economic and strategic service.

The broad scope of the nuclear field activities has permitted that the IPEN conduct a comprehensive and diverse research and development program in other areas. Among these, in Biotechnology, Nuclear Physics and Radiochemistry, Advanced Materials, obtaining and preparation of special ceramics, biomaterials and mono-crystals growth for laser use.

Chemical and Environmental Technology Center

The Chemical and Environmental Technology Center has as its main specialty the development of chemical technology with innovative solutions, meeting the market and the society needs, with high quality products and services.

The flexibility allows acting in large research and technological development areas, such as: environmental technology, supra-molecular chemistry and catalysers, polymers, chemical characterization and isotopic analysis, and clean technology.

As technological products and services available to the market, we highlight the work with hydrogel membrane polymers for burns and the development of new kinds of polypropylene (HMSPP - High Melt Strength Polypropylene) for the petrochemical industry, aiming the clean technology.


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Technologies Transfer


Principal Objective of the " Factory of Factories " Portal, the main specialty of LabGraph's team is technologies transfer, recognized as the main strategy for industrial development.

Operating continually within the academic middle and with researches institutes, companies and inventors from the most advanced centers, LabGraph SA usually proposes a massive amount of new technologies, available for production under license, international partnerships, joint ventures and associations.

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LabGraph teams are experts in industrial projects, especially within integration of new lines of technologies and production, licensing new technologies or adopting new equipments and technologies or process.

The LabGraph's teams, possesses consultants in all levels in several European, American, Canadian and Brazilian centers, establishing projects, offering legal support and technological structure also economical-financial analysis in resources for the Industry.

Resources in Joint Venture, outsourcing, licensing and new facilities structure, layout and infrastructure are more prominent specialties of LabGraph SA.

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