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New Hi-Tech system for furniture models manufacturing incorporating high durability, resistance and reduced production costs. These models have about 99% of recyclable components using very low energy.

Extensive and varied line with transparencies, patterns and brilliant colors, assembling and disassembling in few minutes, ideal for large distribution.

Weight around 14 Kg for single door units and 27 Kg for two doors.

Production with extrusion molds tools of low cost, and Twin-Sheet thermoforming. Columns built in extruded aluminum.

Developed in collaboration with the new plastics technologies like HMSPP, the plastic furniture represent one of "State of Art" advanced industrial design of current time. Incorporating modern accessories, enclosing office and residential lines that are appropriate to the contemporary decorations involving first-class shape and excellent finishing.

Strongly competitive in reason of the low investment and low production costs, these models can be rapidly developed. The mold tools consisting of extrusion and thermoforming molds tools have low cost and high durability, allowing changing lines quickly and Interchangeability of models.



The extensive line of design models named AllPlast.ligneVert can be licensed for manufacturers using the technologies (pat. pending) and developed design.
The lines can be derived in about 122 different arrangements for each model of original design allowing composing countless different furniture for office, residential and commercial applications.

The use of production processes as extrusion, twin-sheet and thermoforming allows making low cost molds tools and line modifications without significant investments.

The sets can also be supplied ready from one of licensed manufacturers in reduced packaging volume and tailor made colors, patterns and collections.

The continuous development of these models allows to incorporate and update styles for the new trends of architecture and public and to offer continuous innovation.

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Using components within new design trends as transparencies and patterns, curvilinear forms, and tailor composition of shelves and doors, the models incorporate compact and light packaging and easiness for assembling and disassembling.
Plenty of models have identical components as doors, columns, bases, shelves, handles, inclinable drawers, sidewalls, back walls and caps.

Diversified series of models can be created with the incorporation of two or three molds tools.
The production of molded pieces by Twin-Sheet (caps and shelves) allows obtaining a high cadence production relative to the specific obtained for the walls by extrusion. Changing a line details is fast, efficient and of low cost.

Models narrow, wide, one or two doors to six doors, countless shelves, and load capacity superior to 250 Kg by shelf represent main characteristics of the design. Shelves can be regulated each two cm and doors are inserted into the extruded aluminum profiles, with automatic adjustment. Screws that press the caps to the walls, closing the pedestals and covers of the profiles and that perform the group being only one block, impeding the existent swinging found in modern furniture. The model is extremely rigid and the feet can be regulated for unevenness of the soil.

Different models can be obtained by the derivation of the recent technologies using the processes developed recently in new plastics syntheses.
The different designs can involve a vast range of solutions for different publics, involving colors and shapes that incorporate current tendencies.

The world phenomenon of constant moving, and the most frequent existence of individual residences, involves the tendency of acquisition of easy transport furniture. People surely try to acquire furniture that can be transported by their own car, from the acquisition and the subsequent removals. The solution incorporated in the proposed technology, allows countless assemblies and disassemblies, with reduced number of pieces and no requisition of special tools.

All these furniture models may be assembled and disassembled with a simple metallic coin.
Transported in normal cars and with ultra lightweights, allow being adapted to residences and offices, and handling accomplished without professionals' help, allying low cost and high-class design these lines are appropriate to be top of sales in this sector.

Furniture models derived of processes as HMSPP can generate countless design composing products for the trade and distribution, with excellent advantages for this sector.
The shown model is composed of several modules set up together and composing a design of high class, simple and well adapted to the trade.

Distinguished of the existent open shelves metallic models in the market, and mainly admitting a quite superior useful load and incorporating the technologies developed for these lines these models can present very competitive costs for use residential, commercial or industrial.

Armchairs produced by Twin-Sheet process with HMSPP and allowing incorporate foam to the rigid plastic. This model may be inclined in every direction, very safe and low cost.

This garden or pool armchair is a new shape high class and very comfortable model may be pivoted in every direction.

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